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11/20/2012 vs Hillgrove Duals at Hillgrove (V) 7:00 A.M.   Recap

12/11/2012 vs Tri-Meet (Lovett/Wheeler) at Lovett HS (V/JV) 5:00 P.M.   Recap

12/14-15/2012 vs Parlay Invitational at Alatoona HS (V) tba   Recap

12/21/2012 vs Tri-Meet @ N. Davidson HS at Lexington (N.C.) (V) 7:00 P.M.   Recap

12/22/2012 vs Dragon Duals at W Davidson HS (N.C.) (V) tba   Recap

12/22/2012 vs Bud Hennebaul Memorial at Mill Creek HS (JV(all)) 7:00 A.M.   Recap

12/28-29/2012 vs Osceola Christmas Tournament(Fri-Sat) at Kissimmee, FL (V) tba   Recap

01/02/2013 vs to be determined at Somewhere (V(&JV)) Sometime   Recap

01/05/2013 vs Region Duals at Roswell (V/JV) 7:00 AM   Recap

01/11-12/2013 vs State Duals (Fri/Sat) at Macon, GA (V) tba   Recap

01/12/2013 vs Open Tourn. (non-state duals participants) at tba (V/JV) tba   Recap

01/16/2013 vs Sprayberry Dual (Sr. Night) at Walton (V/JV) 5:30 PM   Recap

01/18-19/2013 vs Cobb County Invitational (Fri/Sat) at Sprayberry (V) 5:30 PM   Recap

01/18-19/2013 vs Cobb County JV Tournament at Pope (JV) tba   Recap

01/23/2013 vs to be determined at Somewhere (V/JV) Sometime

01/26/2013 vs Walton Raider Classic (Work) at Walton (V/JV) 7:00 AM   Recap

02/2/2013 vs Region Tournament at Wheeler HS (V) 7:00 AM   Recap

02/08-09/2013 vs Sectional Tournament (Fri/Sat) at Kennesaw Mountain HS (V) tba   Recap

02/14-16/2013 vs State Tournament (Thu/Fri/Sat) at Macon (V) tba   Recap


Junior Schedule

11/05/2011 vs Intra-Squad Meet at Walton (JR) 10:30 AM   Recap

11/12/2011 vs Intra-Squad Meet at Walton (JR) 10:30 AM   Recap

11/19/2011 vs Harrison Top Dog Tournament at Harrison (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

11/20/2011 vs Harrison Top Dog Beginners Tournament at Harrison (JR) 12:00 PM   Recap

11/26/2011 vs Parkview Thanksgiving Tournament (Optional) at Parkview (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

11/27/2011 vs KM Thanksgiving Beginners Tournament (Optional) at Kennesaw Mountain (JR) 12:00 PM   Recap

12/03/2011 vs Centennial Holiday Classic at Centennial (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

12/04/2011 vs Pope Beginners Tournament at Pope (JR) 12:00 PM   Recap

12/10/2011 vs Kell Longhorn Christmas Classic at Kell (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

12/11/2011 vs Kell Greenhorn Beginners Tournament at Kell (JR) 12:00 PM   Recap

12/17/2011 vs Creekview Grizzly Youth Tournament at Creekview (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

12/18/2011 vs Creekview Grizzly Beginners Tournament at Creekview (JR) 12:00 PM   Recap

12/29/2011 vs Dixie Nationals / Rookie Tournament (Optional) at GWCC (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

12/30/2011 vs Jefferson New Years Classic (Optional) at Jefferson (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

12/31/2011 vs Pope Kim Andrews Classic (Optional) at Pope (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

01/01/2012 vs KM New Years Beginners Tournament (Optional) at Kennesaw Mountain (JR) 12:00 PM   Recap

01/07/2012 vs North Paulding Wolfpack Classic at North Paulding (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

01/08/2012 vs North Paulding Wolfpack Beginners Tournament at North Paulding (JR) 12:00 PM   Recap

01/14/2012 vs Roswell Hornet Folkstyle Classic at Roswell (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

01/15/2012 vs Sprayberry Beginners Tournament at Sprayberry (JR) 12:00 PM   Recap

01/16/2012 vs Walton Middle School Duals at Walton (JR) 9:00 AM   Recap

01/21/2012 vs Northview Titan Classic at Northview (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

01/21/2012 vs Middle School Duals State Championship at Lambert (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

01/28/2012 vs Walton Raider Classic at Walton (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

02/04/2012 vs Hillgrove Hawk Classic at Hillgrove (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

02/05/2012 vs Hillgrove Beginners Tournament at Hillgrove (JR) 12:00 AM   Recap

02/11/2012 vs South Paulding Jr Spartan Challenge at South Paulding (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

02/12/2012 vs South Paulding Jr Spartan Beginners Tournament at South Paulding (JR) 12:00 PM   Recap

02/25/2012 vs Etowah Kids State Qualifier at Etowah (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

03/03/2012 vs Big Kids State Tournament at Parkview (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap

03/10/2012 vs Little Kids State Tournament at Milton (JR) 7:00 AM   Recap



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